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300 days of /r/SketchDaily


Let’s talk about… Accomplishments. Let’s talk about those you’ve managed and those you’ve managed not. Let’s put both on a scale and measure your weight as a significant individual amongst all of us. The amount of value you have, today, in relation to what you’ve promised minus what you’ve fulfilled.”

100 Days of /r/SketchDaily


When I decided to make writing a serious project and then finally set off with the 33 Left Hand Stories, I had already another project going on. As you may be aware, I recently got back on drawing because games inspired me and because I decided to become a game developer to put my ideas into practice. That said, I have two point-and-click adventure games in the oven, being written, drawn and thought of everyday. However, the project I am talking about now is different from those, and it is more related to willpower than anything: 100 days ago (111, to be more precise), I decided I would submit a drawing daily to /r/SketchDaily, and here I am. Basically, taking part on this subreddit has helped me build a varied portfolio and made me believe that I can pull stuff off.

33 Left Hand Stories in 33 Days

In this project, I’ll write a story a day with my left hand (I’m right-handed). Each story will have as many lines as the day of the month it was written in.

This is meant to be practice for:

  • Writing with my non-dominant hand (which I have been training for this for the past few weeks)
  • Improving my writing and narrative skills.

Everyday, for 33 days, a new story will be posted here and a link for it will be listed below. :}

I’ll scan the page I’ve written the story in and transcript (errors included) it below the image, so you can also see how I’m progressing in the left-hand writing department.

Note that those stories are written in one go and in ink. Corrections are not allowed. This should make this endeavor a little bit more exciting.

Day 01: Nov 27th, The Round and the Cubicle (with bonus drawing!)
Day 02: Nov 28th, Rebeliving (with bonus drawing!)
Day 03: Nov 29th, Hair (with bonus drawing!)
Day 04: Nov 30th, It’s your First Time in the Sea
Day 05: Dec 1st, An Empty Escape (with bonus drawing!)
Day 06: Dec 2nd, Skin
Day 07: Dec 3rd, Misplaced (with bonus drawing!)
Day 08: Dec 4th, Revolution (with bonus drawing!)
Day 09: Dec 5th, Legacy (with bonus drawing!)
Day 10: Dec 6th, Feelings (with bonus drawing!)
Day 11: Dec 7th, Nonsense
Day 12: Dec 8th, The Jar of Gold
Day 13: Dec 9th, Lara (with bonus drawing!)
Day 14: Dec 10th, Tracy McMillan
Day 15: Dec 11th, Lorena (with bonus drawing!)
Day 16: Dec 12th, Barbara
Day 17: Dec 13th, Justine (with bonus drawing!)
Day 18: Dec 14th, Marie
Day 19: Dec 15th, Amabile
Day 20: Dec 16th, Bad Breath
Day 21: Dec 17th, Andrè
Day 22: Dec 18th, Pierre (with bonus drawing!)
Day 23: Dec 19th, Marco
Day 24: Dec 20th, Raffaello (with bonus drawing!)
Day 25: Dec 21th, Jude
Day 26: Dec 22nd, Haruyuki
Day 27: Dec 23rd, Dave
Day 28: Dec 24th, In The Dungeon
Day 29: Dec 25th, Party Postmortem
Day 30: Dec 26th, She’s not here anymore
Day 31: Dec 27th, Finale (with bonus drawing!)
Day 32: Dec 28th, Ghosts (with bonus drawing!)
Day 33: Dec 29th, Aoi’s diary (with bonus drawing!)
The day after: Postmortem

I Draw People as Cats

This is my very first drawing project! In it, I’ll draw people as cats following SuperSugoi’s shape template (standing cat, round hands and feet) and my own interpretation of the person.

I am also accepting commissions for this project. Each cat drawn costs just 5 USD (bitcoin and paypal accepted). If you want to be drawn as cat (or have someone drawn as a cat), you can send me a picture on [email protected]

Follow my tumblr for immediate updates of this project. (ΦωΦ)



Kongiku Figure Custom Wallpaper


This is Kongiku, by Alter.

I’ve used her as an entry for the orange challenge on G+, and a friend requested a wallpaper of the photo. Although the figure is not one of the favorites of my collection, she is quite a piece when taking photographs. She has a lot of details sculpted into her, and although the has lots of plot her pose is rather delicate and behaved.

I still could light her lantern, though. ( ̄。 ̄)

As always, let me know if you need any other custom sizes on the comments section bellow or on my G+ page.
Note: Right click the thumbnail and select “save image as” (or the equivalent in your language) to save the image.

First set


Second set


The source Images

Sengoku Nadeko Figure Custom Wallpaper

Someone on G+ allegedly suggested that I turned some of my pictures into wallpapers, so here it is! (°∀°) Let me know if you need any other custom sizes on the comments section bellow or on my G+ page.

Note: Right click the thumbnail and select “save image as” (or the equivalent in your language) to save the image.


Travelling with figures


Being a figure collector for over a year, I felt that I need to broaden my horizons and start taking pictures of my figures in different places. The thing is that I am lazy, and any problem I encountered discouraged me to engage in the practice of taking pictures outside:

About being an otaku


It has been a while since the last time I called myself an otaku. I grew up in a society in which teenagers and young people would find an apparently clever noun to label themselves and then appear to the society as a marginal, sub-cultural group where the general rules of society wouldn’t apply.