Nov 30th, It’s your first time in the sea


It’s your first time in the sea.
You have absolutely no idea on how to proceed in this situation. Float? Pretend it is just a natural or organic swimming pool? Walk? You see people going in, standing and then jumping when a wave approaches.
You wonder about the point in jumping waves.
You feet start to sink in the sand as a consequence of your own deep reflections. Could it be that the sea is just as deep as your own line of thought? Of just as rich as your imagination?
You wonder, as you proceed walking towards the horizon. The water now is on your knees. Maybe going into the sea is as simple as being immersed in thought. You just need to let yourself in; eventually, you’ll be carried inside.
Without realizing, there’s the way you are. There’s just you and the water. You are completely involved, enveloped, protected. There is no more sand rubbing your legs. No more weird textures between your toes. Not even ground under your feet.
You look at the shore; no one sees you/ You are alone, but not lonely. You feel the world as a whole; you are now connected to the roots of the land. As a baby inside a womb. So inside that it doesn’t need to breath. Neither do you. Your eyes, your head, ears and mouth are warmly swallowed by the land, the water, the mother of everything. Very quickly, your lungs are filled with water and you feel yourself sinking, merging, at last, the primary substance of life. You observe the thin god rays that remain in the water surface. You are now only knowledge, at last.Dissolving into the deepest parts of creation, being diluted into everything.