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  1. Who are you?
  2. My comment was deleted and it wans’t a spam!
  3. You’ve stolen one fo my videos from Youtube!
  4. Where is my warez?
  5. Where is yout towel?
  6. What is the meaning of SuperSugoi? Is it a dish?
  1. Who are you?

    I am Maruki and I write stuff in this blog. Click here to learn more. top

  2. My comment was deleted and it wasn’t a spam!

    Please, don’t “love” our posts. Our moderators are touchy. top

  3. You’ve stolen one of my videos from Youtube!

    We always mirror the videos that we use on the site because not rarely do users lose their accounts or delete the videos, causing discomfort in this sites navigation. In all the mirrors, we opted to leave the video off any lists, keeping the original name and a description that tells the user that the video is a mirror, along with the original link. If you still want us to remove your video, send us an email by the contact form. Don’t forget to include some proof that you hold the rights for the video and make it clear that you want to have your video removed from our account. You can also use the contact form to offer an agreement, so we can keep the video. top

  4. Where is my warez?

    We don’t offer illegal downloads here. top

  5. Where is your towel?!

    Right here. top

  6. What is the meaning of SuperSugoi? Is it a dish?

    It is in China. In our case, SuperSugoi is the name of a yellow cat that is the mascot of the site. His name is Sugoi, but he is also super, then SuperSugoi.

    In Japanese, Sugoi (凄い) bears two meanings:

    1. horrible; terrible; threatening. (kana only)

    2. fantastic; tremendous; exceptional; magnificent.

    This name defines perfectly one of the most incredible SuperSugoi’s characteristic.top