Having trouble? Learn How to get your first healing dye!

Check out our interview done by the awesome folks @playertheory.

We also had a this gameplay video done by our friends @Aeoliangames  but their channel is gone as of 06/12/2015. RIP.

The offline builds can be downloaded right below.

Be sure to report any bugs you find.



What’s this?

It’s an arcade game about rainbows, clouds and happiness. Hurray!



What is going on?

Check out the changelog here to know what we’re doing! It is usually updated before the builds are even uploaded, so you can brag about predicting the future to your friends that don’t read changelogs.


Where am I?

On the IABO official play page. You play the game as we develop it. We are currently on the Alpha build.


Who are you?

LostAlloy, composed of Maruki (artist) and Sugoi (programmer). The music was composed by Yubatake.


Who am I?

Take the IABO personality test (SOON).


I want to tweet my awesome rainbowness!

Download one of the standalone versions! There’s a few awesome pre-fabricated tweets for you to send right after your IABO sleeps. The web version will soon send tweets as well!


I hate the web, give me them downloads!

Of course! (all builds are under 20MB)





Help, it doesn’t work!

Check the current issues. If your problem isn’t listed there, file a bug report so we can fix it!

I want to give feedback or report a bug!

Drop us an email: supersugoi at supersugoi.net