33 Left Hand Stories in 33 Days

In this project, I’ll write a story a day with my left hand (I’m right-handed). Each story will have as many lines as the day of the month it was written in.

This is meant to be practice for:

  • Writing with my non-dominant hand (which I have been training for this for the past few weeks)
  • Improving my writing and narrative skills.

Everyday, for 33 days, a new story will be posted here and a link for it will be listed below. :}

I’ll scan the page I’ve written the story in and transcript (errors included) it below the image, so you can also see how I’m progressing in the left-hand writing department.

Note that those stories are written in one go and in ink. Corrections are not allowed. This should make this endeavor a little bit more exciting.

Day 01: Nov 27th, The Round and the Cubicle (with bonus drawing!)
Day 02: Nov 28th, Rebeliving (with bonus drawing!)
Day 03: Nov 29th, Hair (with bonus drawing!)
Day 04: Nov 30th, It’s your First Time in the Sea
Day 05: Dec 1st, An Empty Escape (with bonus drawing!)
Day 06: Dec 2nd, Skin
Day 07: Dec 3rd, Misplaced (with bonus drawing!)
Day 08: Dec 4th, Revolution (with bonus drawing!)
Day 09: Dec 5th, Legacy (with bonus drawing!)
Day 10: Dec 6th, Feelings (with bonus drawing!)
Day 11: Dec 7th, Nonsense
Day 12: Dec 8th, The Jar of Gold
Day 13: Dec 9th, Lara (with bonus drawing!)
Day 14: Dec 10th, Tracy McMillan
Day 15: Dec 11th, Lorena (with bonus drawing!)
Day 16: Dec 12th, Barbara
Day 17: Dec 13th, Justine (with bonus drawing!)
Day 18: Dec 14th, Marie
Day 19: Dec 15th, Amabile
Day 20: Dec 16th, Bad Breath
Day 21: Dec 17th, Andrè
Day 22: Dec 18th, Pierre (with bonus drawing!)
Day 23: Dec 19th, Marco
Day 24: Dec 20th, Raffaello (with bonus drawing!)
Day 25: Dec 21th, Jude
Day 26: Dec 22nd, Haruyuki
Day 27: Dec 23rd, Dave
Day 28: Dec 24th, In The Dungeon
Day 29: Dec 25th, Party Postmortem
Day 30: Dec 26th, She’s not here anymore
Day 31: Dec 27th, Finale (with bonus drawing!)
Day 32: Dec 28th, Ghosts (with bonus drawing!)
Day 33: Dec 29th, Aoi’s diary (with bonus drawing!)
The day after: Postmortem