Dec 20th, Raffaello

story-24-PAGE-4015 I have a problem. Actually, I have many, but only one matter right now. Actually, this problem is made of other problems, but I see it as a very big problem. Anyway. I have a thing for my teacher. I can’t say exactly what, but he annoys me and enchants me at the same time. No, thinking this way is too complex, it makes things more complicated than they already are. Well, to put it simply, I think I have a crush on him. Which is already an enormous problem by itself, because we are teacher and student, which leads to out second problem, that is, our ages. Most people say I’m only a kid, but in some countries I’m eligible to vote and drive. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that I’m his student, and that he is much more experienced than me in life. As if this wasn’t enough, we are both male. I don’t see a problem with it – I couldn’t care less about it -, but I have to know that this is still an obstacle. Obstacle? I speak as if I had any chance at all. We are worlds apart – although I wish we wouldn’t. Well, I’ll have to accept. Yes, Raffaello, learn once and for all. We’re not in Greece anymore. story_24-4015-fit