Dec 24th, In The Dungeon


And then, just like that, he was alone in the dungeon. Everyone took off to do their respective researches and he was left with the duty of staying put and taking care of their most recent acquired loot. Not that look after Skypeople’s ancient belonging wasn’t exciting… The problem is that he hadn’t bring any portable console to play while he waited.
He sat down on the floor, legs crossed, and waited. No one would come in the next hour probably. Bored, he decided to examine the collection of antiques he was supposed to be taking care of. He had just began looking into an ambiguous music box when he felt someone flying behind him. Yes, flying, because the sensation had been do weird, that the air flow instantly reminded an aerial movement.
He searched and called, but no one answered. Well, it could have been an animal, then a silent response would be acceptable. it could have been the ghost of a Skyperson coming after the relics. Although they can’t fly, a ghost certainly can.
What if it was really a ghost? What could he do? He wasn’t able to fight like iVory was. Nor as quick as Cinammon. Nor as brave as Aifreid.
With a shrug, he uncovered an old pillow from the relics, gave it a quickly dust-off, placed it near the bag, and indulged himself to a nap while he waited for the others.