Dec 7th, Nonsense


How much you earn depends on much you work!
How much I earn depends on how important are my achievements even if I made them up in 2 seconds!
There was no agreement. In that discussions, basically about quantity vs. substantial quality, no one would let the status pride aside. My Filty Rich and Sir Dropdead Intelligence would never put the pride aside. It was their stepping stone after all.

Hello! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
This is the 11th story so far, which means I have done a third of this project by now.
I feel really under pressure to write such short stories. I feel pity for the characters, because most of them tell me they want more development, more “screen time”. For that reason, I decided to go back to previous characters to give them some more insight. Round and Cube are two of these characters, and they were appealing to me from the start. Their restricted shape and Cube’s misunderstanding about his own conditions gave me tons of ideas, mainly concerning their relationship and the things they can do together, given that they have such differences.
I guess working with expectations play a huge part in this project. It has to do a lot with writing and then leaving space for extra, lots of room for interpretation. That, according to what a believe, is one of the things that give life to a text.

Regarding my left hand, well, I feel more comfortable writing with it, and holding a pencil is no longer awkward. I have also been using a trackball with my left hand, so I feel my body more balanced than before, when I relied solely on my right hand. My handwriting, however, hasn’t improved a lot. I think that is one of my characteristics. I’ve never had a consistent handwriting.
I’ll keep on practicing!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my stories so far! (▰˘◡˘▰)