Dec 29th, Aoi’s diary single page


People said that I should start writing this, but the truth is that I am not really sure it will work out. At all. I am terrible with this kind of stuff.
So here I am, at a non-even-ripe age writing a diary. I am not doing this because I want or because I am forgetful, but because some people said this is an important moment in my life and that I should record somehow my opinion, my impressions, my feelings.
Well, I am moving in with Isaac tomorrow. Everything is packed already, I just need some to fit in the heavier books. We are moving to an old apartment on the other side of the town. We chose that location so we can feel as if we had gone to another town – because is pretty big actually.
The apartment is missing two doors and a cupboard, but we’ll manage. As long as it is not the front door we’ll be fine. And no, I haven’t visited the apartment not even once – neither Isaac. We are facing this as an adrenalin-inducing change. Also, the decision was all too sudden to everyone, even for the real estate agent. I told him: cheap, small, other side of town, for today. Basically.
I also found a job. I am going to start working as an intern in a furniture shop that sells old and new stuff. They have a second-hand section for decoration – cushions, curtains, carpets – and I’ll be the one in charge of organizing the products. Clients go there and usually make a mess choosing the products. It’s not a top class job, but who cares? I can still have a career there.
And then my parents stopped talking to me – temporarily. It must be difficult for them seeing their almost-daughter leaving. But for me, it has been too much. I’ll be fine now.