Dec 18th, Ghosts (Enid’s diary entry 42)


Imagine you have ghosts in your house. You can’t see them, you can’t hear them, no even feel them, but you know they are there. Watching you. Judging you and calling you names. Observing your every move. They know you so well that they can even predict your decisions and foretell your mistakes. And they will be delighted to see you do exact as they predict, and they will laugh at you. You are their hobby.
Now, imagine you are suffering from a Stockholm syndrome, or anything more common and simple than that, which makes you believe those sadistic ghosts are not detached souls, but actually real dead people with real dead feelings. They bully you because they are bullied by life, destiny, god, what you have.
Given that, I’ve started talking to them and telling them about my life. I know they laughed as first, but I kept telling them everyday about my life, my college, friends, family. They knew lots of things already, but when I told them my thoughts they became really interested. This is a thing you can’t predict.
That’s when we started having real conversations about real world problems. We discussed, we built theories. We despised long established concepts. I grew on them, they grew on me. They even made me a costume!
Recently we’ve started considering the possibility of me staying at home with them so we can talk more. They said they will help me study better than the other teachers, because they knew my problems. I think I’ll do it. I feel I can grow intellectually with them in a way impossible with any other person. After all, they are immortal and unbiased of this world.