Dec 22nd, Haruyuki


Haruyuki descended by the north staircase because he knew the administration hall would be empty. Although he was carrying a pile a books, he preferred that no one saw him and ended up offering him help. He could manage a few books, he was no girl, despite looking like one. Haruyuki sighed.
Making his way down, he couldn~t see the steps. Slowly, he would feel the gap with his right foot, and then he bent his left knee until the foot touched something. Steady, he made his way down, finally arriving at the hall.
The tall pile of books didn’t let him see anything. He wasn’t worried, though, as the hall would be empty, he wouldn’t bump into anyone.
What a detour. Haruyuki quickly cursed his genetics. If he could choose, he would have been corn as a girl proper, to avoid all the confusion towards his gender. He would suffer all the misogyny anyway, but at least people wouldn’t be surprised, shocked or disgusted by him.
A trap’s real life was so much different from the comics. He had to find his way alone in the world, with his own strength. Just like he carried all those books.

*no notebook today as well.