Dec 23rd, Dave


Dave pulled off at the empty parking lot. The instructions said that old building was the place. Sonya had been very clear on the phone: it’s the building with all its glass windows broken. No doubt, the old construction looked like a beehive. “Made by humans, alright.”
Dave quickly got out of the car, and made his way to the building. It was cold, and the snowstorm siren had already rung twice that day. Needless to say, he shouldn’t be there. But the contract was clear, and he needed that to find Tracy.
Unexpectedly, the main door was open. This would make things easier, but the fact gave Dave a chill down the spine. Simply put, that door shouldn’t be open. “They must have took off.”
He entered. The floor was covered with snow and broken glass. No sign of a living being. He gave a quick search in all the rooms, finding only old magazines, until he decided to go up the stairs.
There in the middle of the hall he saw remains of a fireplace. “Bingo.” Besides it there were few blankets and a pillow. And a spoon. And syringes. “In a time like this…” Again, no one was there.
Dave left the building thinking about Tracy. Was she with them? Did she use drugs as well? It was difficult to tell. But there was nothing else to do there. Hesitant, Dave drove off to the next place.