The development of a blog

I think every blog will someday go through a testing period, a maturation period and a identity crisis period. SuperSugoi was no different, and I think those changes were for the best.

When I first started the blog, I wasn’t sure that it would took off, mainly because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to write constantly, and feed the blog with new contents regularly. I was too influenced by the blog scene here in br, I guess.
The problems started with me not having the time I wanted to fully develop some articles I wanted, because I also had to post things that were not only for me, but for a more general public. Hence, the posts from the original site range in topic from diys to anime figures.
Let’s say that I went all over the place.

After starting using G+, I realized that the content in never was for everyone, mainly because everything was in pt-br. I agree with the statistics that say Portuguese is the 4th most spoken language in the world, but English is the first! And I majored in English. Also, one of my friends told me that my site was interesting, but the problem was that everything was in Portuguese.
Then, me and my husband decided to go on a new project of translating the website. A project which, obviously, didn’t took off because after some months analyzing my posts I realized that I have no specific goal with the things I wrote. I was writing about everything, and post superficial things in the process.
I didn’t want that, so by the beginning of November/2012 we decided that we would keep the Portuguese site, but I would start posting in English – and English only – about the things that I really liked, that is, games, anime and figures. The new layout came to reassure this refreshing stage of things.
And that is it. It seems I finally went back to the original purpose of blogging, which is sharing your own ideas on things you like, and not writing about things that will attract people (unless this is your job, nothing against that).
Having said that, the categories have changed. We have now
gaming, that includes post of both aaa titles and indie games. And I don’t review games. I just talk (or rant) about them.
anime, and I don’t plan to write reviews here either.
figures, the only section in which I plan to write reviews.
blog, for everything else, such as pictures of my cats.

On the right side, you’ll find a menu with recommended links. Some of them are other profiles I have in other social networks.

There are still some translations pending, mainly formal stuff, but we’ll get to it eventually.
I hope you can enjoy my writings.