Disclaimer: this game contains excessively amounts of rainbow. It may indice seizures and extreme bliss due to excessive rainbow exposure. Player discretion is advised.


Essentially, IABO is an arcade game in which the player has to avoid falling white blocks for the longest time possible. The player will control one of the six characters available and will slide horizontally while evading falling blocks and getting power ups to buff his movement – all to stay longer in the sky.

screenshot 2014.05.15-10.05.25

Fever mode – almost there!

However, the blocks are actually fluffy clouds, and the characters are happy dyes that travel the night sky in order to bring the rainbow to it.


IABO pre-alpha gameplay


It is quite awesome. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Until you barf due to excessive motion and rainbows. Then it gets awesome again after a night sleep and some pills.


A photo of one of our testers after playing IABO for several minutes


We’ve started this project with the idea of paying homage to Breakout, a game we played back in the Atari era. We started off with this idea, but wanted to made something different – even if it meant doing the opposite.



So, instead of hitting bricks on the wall with a ball, the player would dodge the bricks. Instead of being a puzzle game the bar would now have a face, the bricks would have faces and everybody would be overjoyed.

IABO is a game about a mission. The six characters must take the rainbow to the night sky, to the moon and stars beyond! They must travel the sky, dying the colorless night!

IABO is a game about conquest. The six characters will meet their rivals, fluffy clouds that will happily and unintentionally get in their way, and that will clumsily extract color from the characters whenever they bump.

IABO is a game about companionship. While the other characters are asleep because they’ve lost too much color, Murasaki-chan will grab dye particles so she and her companions can be colorful again.


Cheerful and joyful


We’ll feature six playable characters, plus a secret character and another secret one. YES!

As you play, you’ll dodge fluffy clouds, enter in a fever mode, dye the environment clouds, grab powerups, shink so you can dodge better, take too many hits, get angry, start over again, dodge, dye the environment clouds, vomit, graze, get power ups, shrink, grab dye particles, seizure, enter fever mode, unlock Kiiro-kun, achieve nirvana, dodge…

The alpha version will be available at http://en.supersugoi.net/IABO/

We’ll keep you updated. For the moment, hang onto this:

Click here to download the press kit.

This product may contain cats as it was processed in human equipment controlled by cats.