Meatballphobia, by Protomni Multimedia, is amusingly bizarre.

It brings the idea of not-going-with-flow in an unexpected way: the objective is, basically, making the meatball hit its target – a seemingly static man head.

This silent and almost-static character is intriguing. Pixelated, gray and white, he stares at you expressionless while you solve the puzzle that, in the end, will hit him with a meatball in the head. In this moment, however, against all our expectations of muteness, he is going to the scream in a B movie style.

The game is fairly democratic, as it does not force the player into levels. You are free to choose which level you want to play from the beginning. Also, there is no tutorial. The game lets you free to explore its engineering and to discover, from scratch, what you have to do to solve the puzzle.


screenshot 2013.11.12-10.11.42

A beginner set of levels open


screenshot 2013.11.12-10.11.53

Another set of levels open


The game is experimental all-over. The puzzle has an intricate feeling of convoluted machines also found in B movies, that have more to show in terms of funny horror than in actual terror – which is the attractive feature of this kind of genre. Meatballphobia gives you a feeling of the 80s.


screenshot 2013.11.12-10.11.14

You have to discover, from scratch, the rules to achieve the objective


To play the free version, click here or support the developers and buy it from Desura.
To visit Protomni Multimedia, click here or follow them on Twitter here.

screenshot 2013.11.12-10.11.06