Dec 27th, Finale


Cube fell asleep looking into the horizon. He didn’t remember how much time had passed since she was gone. Rolling like a queen, moving constantly with grace, leaving him and his sharp corner behind.
He thought of going on a journey to find her. She was an essential part in their project. He couldn’t do without her. Despite her disobedience and usual friction towards his ideas, her presence was of significant value.
Cube sighed. Maybe she will be back, someday. For revenge. After all those years thinking and working together she became fed up with him and with his straight way of being that his last complaints, although harmless, were enough to make her surprisingly furious. After all, the impulse that set her rolling was caused by her own rage. She didn’t say goodbye either, and according to his knowledge of women, when they don;t say goodbye, it means they will never be back.
Maybe I should start looking for another partner… Maybe I should be alone for good.
or maybe you should just wait for me.
Cube looked behind him. There she was, rolling softly towards him. She slowly approached him and stopped once she touched his back, which made him blush a little.
I’m back. The world is also round you know…
I’m do glad you are… I realized I couldn’t go on without you.
If Round had arms, she would’ve gently hugged him.