Nov 27th, The Round and the Cubicle (with bonus drawing!)




— This is not part of my training! — Round said. Cube sighed as a sign of upsetness. — I told you more than once that it is impossible and more than twice did I show you it was unconceivable.

Cube was bothered. Round kept spitting out the same arguments of yesterday. He sighed again. Rubbed his brows with his thumb. Maybe she was only going in circles again. That was natural for her.

— Your training — Cube scratched his brow with his untrimmed nail — is made by me. And i get to decide what you do.

— Obtusive.

— Sorry?

— You are obtusive, whatever this word means. You are pushing your unrealistic goals onto me!

— I don’t care about the cohesiveness of my doings. Just get it done!

— I can’t!

— Okay, and why is that?

— Because I don’t have hands!

Cube noticed. Round was actually round like a sphere. Oh, wait… She was a sphere!

Cube also noticed that he wasn’t brushing or scratching or poking or whatever he was doing with his eyebrow. He was a cube and he also didn’t have hands. Did he have a mouth? Well, he quickly cast aside the idea, fearing that he might lose his passport to Rome.