Dec 25th, Party Postmortem


The problem was that I was stuck between waiting for them to leave (in the hope that they would remember me and that me with them) or going home by myself. Well, I had no money on me, so I’d have to walk. But I didn’t know where I was. I knew I was somewhere in the city, near the slums, but more that that I’d be asking too much.
I briefly considered stealing some money, but brushed off the idea after seeing how drunk everyone else was. Stealing from them would be an act of cowardice, ¬†and if I was found out I’d suffer the rage of drunk people. Not good.
I sat on the only couch available and assessed the situation. My cousin was trying to make a move on the other cousin, from the other part of the family (and she was being awfully receptive), my uncle was lying on the carpet, half-dead, my brother and some friends were in a corner singing in Italian.
What if I managed to sleep? The morning would arrive fast, everyone would be back to normal and we would leave. But there was a chance of they forgetting me and leaving me behind.
I thought about Thomas back at home. Was he okay? Did he eat the Xmas neat loaf I’d prepared him? Oh man, I really wished he could drive and pick me up.